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Anonymous said: you are my favorite blog ;) do you know any skins like this?

thank you :) yes of course this is a great blog too about skins http://freyamcguinness.tumblr.com/

Anonymous said: Hello stranger. You're amazing you know that? Never give up on yourself or your dreams. Remember that someone always cares.. heck, I care about you! You are beautiful. Cry, laugh, and love, never hate. Keep an open mind, and may you live life to the fullest. You are worth it. This is my personalized message to you. "Random act of kindness. Spread the kindness anonymously to every blog that follows you/you follow. You could save a life, change someone's world. And tell them to keep spreading it."

thank you very much !!

muirtone said: There is a couple, he is laying down and the woman is smoking a cigerette and patting a bulge in his pants. What movie is that from?

sorry, i dont know

the people I should love I hate.

Ich brauch’, dass du mich brauchst.

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nightshade-nostalgia said: Woahh. Your blog is so damn negative. o_O But I kinda like it. ^^

thank you

feanorian said: Nice blog!

thank you :)

vertaust du.. verlierst du 

Your girl crush is so blatant

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